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A "lattice" approach to design education: Bringing real and integrated design experience to the classroom through Engineering Design Days

Hurst, Ada; Rennick, Chris; Bedi, Sanjeev // 2019
While design is fundamental to engineering practice, modern training in engineering design has almost exclusively moved to the classroom, providing students little exposure to holistic, real-world ...

A CHAT Approach to Understand Framing in Digital Service Innovation

Sturkenboom, Nick (1); Baha, Ehsan (1,2); Price, Rebecca (1); Kleinsmann, Maaike (1); Snelders, Dirk (1) // 2019
Within the third wave of digital service innovation, framing is becoming increasingly complex. Accordingly, design practice finds itself in a transition from designing single service solutions that ...

A Comparison Of Contemporary Prototyping Methods

Coutts, Euan Ross (1,2); Wodehouse, Andrew (2); Robertson, Jason (2) // 2019
Prototypes are a common feature of many product design and development endeavours. An ever widening range of prototyping options are available to designers and engineers. May particular options be ...

A Comparison of Design Activity of Academics and Practitioners Using the FBS Ontology: A Case Study

Hurst, Ada (1); Nespoli, Oscar G. (1); Abdellahi, Sarah (2); Gero, John S. (2) // 2019
Academics teach engineering design based on design theory and best practices, practitioners teach design based on their experience. Is there a difference between them? There appears to be little ...

A Computational Framework for Exploring the Socio-Cognitive Features of Teams and their Influence on Design Outcomes

Singh, Harshika (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); Casakin, Hernan (2); Singh, Vishal (3) // 2019
The dynamics of design teams play a critical role in product development, mainly in the early phases of the process. This paper presents a conceptual framework of a computational model about how ...

A computational study of the effect of experience on problem/solution space exploration in teams

Perisic, Marija Majda (1); Martinec, Tomislav (1); Storga, Mario (1,2); Gero, John S (3,4) // 2019
This paper presents the results of computational experiments aimed at studying the effect of experience on design teams? exploration of problem-solution space. An agent-based model of a design team ...

A Concept for Physiological User Description in the Context of Dual User Integration

SchrÓppel, Tina; Diepold, Theresia; Miehling, JÓrg; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
In order to ensure the user's acceptance towards a product, the user has to be captured with all his facets and requirements. In this context, many user-centred design methods only focus on single ...

A concept for process-oriented interdisciplinary tolerance management considering production-specific deviations

Heling, Bjoern; Oberleiter, Thomas; Rohrmoser, Andreas; Kiener, Christoph; Schleich, Benjamin; Hagenah, Hinnerk; Merklein, Marion; Willner, Kai; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
To meet rising customer requirements, increasingly complex products have to be virtually validated. To achieve this within the framework of virtual product development, a wide range of aspects has to ...

A Conceptual Framework for Breakthrough Technologies

Hein, Andreas Makoto (1); Brun, Juliette (2) // 2019
Breakthrough technologies introduce a radically new capability or a drastic performance improvement. However, the existing engineering design literature does not specifically pay attention to them. ...

A Critical Review of the Integrated Logistics Support Suite for Aerospace and Defence Programmes

Vaskic, Ljubisa; Paetzold, Kristin // 2019
The Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) can be described as an approach for optimisation of in-service (logistics) activities and minimisation of the life cycle costs of a system. ILS is an integral ...

A Design Case Study: 3D Printer Software Interface Design based on Home Users preferences Knowledge

Li, Xuenan; Zhao, Danhua; Zhao, Jianghong // 2019
The rapid development of 3D printing technology has an impact on all aspects of modern manufacturing, design and society. However, the home use of 3D printers is still limited by the difficulty in ...

A framework for designing work systems in Industry 4.0

Kadir, Bzhwen A (1); Broberg, Ole (1); Souza da Concei // 2019
The introduction of new digital technologies in industrial work systems and increasing implementation of Cyber Physical Systems are evoking new and unknown challenges and opportunities related to ...

A Framework for Development Architecture for Modular Products: Cross-Domain Variety Management Perspective

Oh, Kwansuk; Lim, Jong Wook; Cho, Seongwon; Ryu, Junyeol; Hong, Yoo S. // 2019
Variety management is a cross-domain issue in product family design. In the real field, the relationships across the domains are so complex for most of the existing product families that they cannot ...

A Further Exploration of the Three Driven Approaches to Combinational Creativity

Han, Ji (1); Hua, Min (2); Shi, Feng (2,3); Childs, Peter R. N. (2) // 2019
Combinational creativity is a significant element of design in supporting designers to generate creative ideas during the early phases of design. There exists three driven approaches to combinational ...

A knowledge based approach to support the conceptual design of ETO products

Nardelli, Miriam (1); Cicconi, Paolo (1); Savoretti, Andrea (1); Raffaeli, Roberto (2); Germani, Michele (1) // 2019
The ever-increasing competitiveness, due to the market globalization, has forced the industries to modify their design and production strategies. A key point is the development of products that ...

A Law Of Functional Expansion - Eliciting The Dynamics Of Consumer Goods Innovation With Design Theory

Le Masson, Pascal; El Qaoumi, Kenza; Hatchuel, Armand; Weil, Benoit // 2019
For more than two decades, mobile phone industry has shown that innovation is not only functional optimization and combination but can also be a "functional expansion?. Sometimes called radical or ...

A lifecycle cost-driven system dynamics approach for considering additive re-manufacturing or repair in aero-engine component design

Lawand, Lydia (1); Al Handawi, Khalil (1); Panarotto, Massimo (2); Andersson, Petter (3); Isaksson, Ola (2); Kokkolaras, Michael (1,2) // 2019
Aero-engine component design decisions should consider re-manufacturing and/or repair strategies and their impact on lifecycle cost. Existing design approaches do not account for alternative ...

A matrix-based approach to investigate the geometrical dependencies between non-driving-related tasks and future vehicle concepts

Seebach, Niko (1,2); R // 2019
Caused by the technology of automated driving the user is temporarily released from driving and can perform non-driving-related tasks (NDRTs), such as sleeping or working. The aim of this paper is to ...

A Matter of Factor: A Proposed Method for Identifying Factors That Influence Design Effort Levels in Product Design

Holliman, Alexander 'Freddie'; Thomson, Avril; Hird, Abigail; Wilson, Nicky // 2019
Design effort, the amount of time required to complete a project or task (Salam et al., 2009; Salam and Bhuiyan, 2016), is a required resource for any design project which can be influenced by a ...

A Method For Analyzing The Influence Of Process And Design Parameters On The Build Time Of Additively Manufactured Components

Hallmann, Martin; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
When using additive manufacturing processes, the choice of the numerous settings for the process and design parameters significantly influences the build and production time. To reduce the required ...

A Methodical Approach to Support Conceptual Design for Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Watschke, Hagen; Kuschmitz, Sebastian; Heubach, Julius; Lehne, Guido; Vietor, Thomas // 2019
Additive manufacturing (AM) opens new possibilities for innovative product designs. However, due to a lack of knowledge and restrained creativity because of design fixations, design engineers do not ...

A methodology for implementing a product-centred bid model for suppliers

Guillon, Delphine (1,3); Merlo, Christophe (2); Villeneuve, Eric (1); Vareilles, Elise (3); Aldanondo, Michel (3) // 2019
Early phases of product development are critical for next phases and impact the product definition. During bid process, suppliers generate offers for a customer that must both meet customer?s ...

A methodology for multisensory product experience design using cross-modal effect: A case of SLR camera

Maki, Takuma; Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi // 2019
Throughout the course of product experience, a user employs multiple senses, including vision, hearing, and touch. Previous cross-modal studies have shown that multiple senses interact with each ...

A methodology for the application of virtual evaluation methods within the design process of cold forged steel pinions

Rohrmoser, Andreas (1); Heling, BjÓrn (2); Schleich, Benjamin (2); Kiener, Christoph (1); Hagenah, Hinnerk (1); Wartzack, Sandro (2); Merklein, Marion (1) // 2019
Gears are essential machine elements in the drivetrain and transmission technology. The operational behaviour of a gear pairing is influenced by the design of the gear kinematics as well as the ...

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